Lot 100, Ochtertyre Street, Deniliquin NSW 2710

Bird Watching

Did you know that more than a third of Australia's bird species have been spotted in and around Deniliquin?! When you think about the size and scale of our vast Australian landscape - to think we provide a home to so many of Australia’s bird life is pretty impressive!

Keen to try spot some of these beautiful birds for yourself? Here’s a few top spots to explore:

  • Island Sanctuary: located in the heart of Deniliquin, here you can find over 100 species. It’s also a water bird nesting area for ducks, herons, moorhens and egrets!
  • Wanganella Swamps: located 40km to the North of Deniliquin along the Cobb Hwy, here you’ll find an extensive wetland area home to ibis rookey and broglas in a good season.
  • Murray Valley Regional Park: enter the park via Memorial Drive in Deniliquin and either drive, ride or walk along the many forest trails to spot species such as red-capped robins, jacky winters, treecreepers, thornbills and pardalotes to name just a few!

The rare and endangered

Our region is home to The Plains Wanderer, a critically endangered and very special species. The plains-wanderer is a quail-like ground bird, measuring 15–19 cm. They are excellent camouflagers, and will first hide at any disturbance. If they're approached too close, they will run as opposed to flying, which they are very poor at. Endemic to Australia, the majority of the remaining population is found right here in the Riverina. It’s said there are less than 1000 birds remaining in the wild making them critically endangered and under imminent threat of extinction.


You can head out by yourself and try your luck at spotting any number of these beautiful birds, alternatively you can experience it all with a local guide who can be arranged by contacting the Visitor Information Centre who have a list of local specialised bird watching tours.

Keen to go explore and check out the local wildlife? Check out Visit Deni's website for more information.