Lot 100, Ochtertyre Street, Deniliquin NSW 2710

Visitor Information & Peppin Heritage Centre

A holiday to Deniliquin isn't complete without a visit to the Deniliquin Visitor Information Centre!

The Centre is housed in the Peppin Heritage Centre which was Deniliquin’s first public school and has been transformed into a regional museum telling the story of the early pioneers who created the famous Peppin Merino. In addition to its permanent exhibitions the Centre hosts a variety of travelling and local exhibitions throughout the year.

With souvenirs, brochures and plenty of day trip information on hand, you'll find yourself spending alot longer here than what you might initally think. Trust us. With the displays, exhibitions and artworks on display - there's plenty to see.

At the Peppin Heritage Centre you can:

  • Marvel at the ever changing art exhibition gallery
  • Inside the heritage museum learn about Peppin stud breeding, the founding families and the sheep industry
  • Relive your childhood days and experience the recreated classroom
  • See the relocated Warriston Ram Shed and the original Deniliquin Goal.

Top tip: After wandering around the centre, head next door and treat yourself to coffee, cake or lunch at The Crossing Cafe.


295 George Street
2710 Deniliquin , NSW
Phone: 1800 650 712
New South Wales AU