Lot 100, Ochtertyre Street, Deniliquin NSW 2710

Lagoons & Nature Walks

Deniliquin boasts the most magnificent natural lagoon system that meanders through the centre of town. The lagoons are home to an array of birdlife, native wildlife and aquatic species.

Looking for a spot to watch the birds? Have a quite picnic? Or learn to fish? Deni’s lagoon system has got you covered. The lagoon system spans across six different blocks, all offering unique activities and a huge range of flora and fauna to explore.

The six parks that form part of the lagoon system each offer unique views, wildlife and experiences. You can find out more about each of these parks and the amazing living lagoons by visiting the Visit Deni website here


Explore Deniliquin’s unique lagoon system on the 1.4km Lagoons to River trail, which curves through the centre of town. The trail has signage along the way to keep you on track, show distances and highlight key attractions. With lots of spots to stop for a shady break, and shops along the way for supplies, this is a lovely way to spend a couple of hours in town whilst also exploring this unique lagoon system teaming with wildlife.