Lot 100, Ochtertyre Street, Deniliquin NSW 2710

Lawson Syphons

An engineering marvel!

The remarkable engineering structure known as the "Lawson Syphons" is located approximately 5km out of town and diverts the canal under the river delivering water to the agricultural areas west of Deniliquin.

This impressive engineering marvel was constructed 2,300 feet long under the Edward River and adjacent billabongs!

Work was expected to take four years, but a few weeks after construction began Australia was launched into World War II. Initial planning and preparations continued until 1942 when work was finally suspended due to a shortage of materials and manpower.

Following World War II, work on the syphons resumed and continued for the next decade. During this time they experienced repeated flooding as well as material and labour shortages. It certainly was no easy job!

The NSW Government had trouble at times raising loan funds for major works, but the Lawson Syphons and Deniboota scheme were high on the list of projects “in the national interest” and received priority. The Lawson Syphons were completed and officially opened by NSW Premier John Cahill on April 27, 1955.

The development of the irrigation network continued until the last channels were completed in 1964, making the total length of the supply network almost 3000 kilometres!

Interpretive panels telling the story of these Syphons and how they were the catalyst for an agricultural boom, have been installed on site. Located so close to town (only about 5km), it’s a great spot to check out! 


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